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NTSE Scholarship Program

What Is NTSE?


National Talent Search Examination popularly known as NTSE is conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for identifying talented students who want to pursue higher education in Science and Social Studies streams. The examination is conducted at two levels i.e. first, state-level talent search examination and then, National Level Talent Search Examination. 


What are the benefits of being NTSE Scholar?


1.    Scholarships: Those who get the scholarship will be awarded an amount of Rs 1250 during Class 11 and 12, Rs 2000 during UG and PG and as per UGC norms during PhD

2.    Builds Confidence: Preparing for and cracking the NTSE builds confidence to appear for various other competitive exams. In fact, most of the NTSE scholars become top rankers in competitive entrance exams JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, and AIIMS.

3.    Quota in top institutes: NTSE Scholarship is your gateway to some of the topmost colleges in India such as IIIT (Hyderabad). Some of the colleges in India have seats reserved for NTSE scholars. IIIT (Delhi) gives 2 bonus points for NTSE scholars which is in addition to the score the student gets in JEE (Mains)

4.    Value addition to the resume: NTSE scholars are given higher preference when it comes to jobs, both in private and government sectors. It adds value to the profile.

5.    Foundation for CIvils: It is actually called as ‘Junior Civils’ as NTSE selection process and the standard of questions are more or less in the same patters as Civil Services. So, those who dream to become IAS or IPS officers should aim for NTSE Scholarship at school level.

6.    Prestigious Moment: It is a prestigious moment to cherish for the parents and the school will put up a banner of the scholar, for sure.

7.    School Performance: Preparation for NTSE enhances performance at the school


Some Prominent NTSE Scholars:


National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) awardees are spread across the globe. They include scientists, academics, IT professionals, activists, civil servants, a Nobel Laureate and many more. Here are some of the prominent NTSE scholars…

i.              Mr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel laureate in Chemistry(2009)

ii.             Kanishka Katariya - UPSC IAS 2018 Topper

iii.            Professor Yogendra Yadav, Senior Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi;

iv.            Professor Varsha Kulkarni, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA;

v.             Professor Jaishree Sharma, Department of Education in Science and Mathematics, NCERT;

vi.            Shri Ajay Aswal, Rajasthan Administrative Service, Rajasthan;

vii.           Ms Sigireddy Deepthi, Software Engineer having many patents, USA

viii.          Prabhat Malik - Secured IRS in 2013 and IAS in 2014.


What we provide to help NTSE Scholarship aspirants?


a.    Chapter wise NCERT pdfs and tests. Around 400 chapter tests will be there in total

b.    Old papers in test mode to assess the strengths and weakness

c.     A SWOT test which gives detailed analysis of student on 6 parameters ( subject-wise, topic-wise, subtopic-wise, concepts vs facts, difficulty level-wise, direct vs. statement type questions).

d.    Student will be helped to understand where he or she is and where he or she should be?

e.    Students will get detailed route map customized based on his or her strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

f.      There will be sufficient grand tests to practice before going to the actual exam.

Note 1: Generally all the online providers of NTSE coaching offers only grand tests. But, we at Precision Academy provide chapter tests for all the chapters from 6th to 10th class and also detailed analysis using our SWOT tests.

Note 2: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis

The best way to decide what to do next in your preparation for an exam would be to clearly understand your present state. Once that analysis is complete, you can work on building a route map leading to your success.

What we do after every grand test is, we clearly outline the areas of your expertise and along with that we also provide a list of areas where you can improve. This kind of analysis helps you realize what areas would be best to focus on to attain your best possible marks in the final exam.


Course Coordinator: Mohan Vamsi ( NTSE Scholar – 2016) who is presently in his 3rd Year of Engineering in BITS Pilani in Computer Science. His passion is to be in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Course Fee: Rs 10,000 (with validity period of 2 years)

Contact; Ms Meena @ 8101010140 for more details. Register in our website and select NTSE or NCERT to get a free phone call from our senior consultants




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