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24 - 11 - 2017

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General Approach VS Precision Approach

Civil Services is most coveted service in India. To become an IAS or IPS is dream of many talented youth in India. Aspirants from various backgrounds and capabilities attempt this exam. Around 10 lakh students apply and approximately 5 lakh people write the Civil Service Preliminary examination.
There are two types of students. Some are noncommittal, not hardworking and not capable. No need to worry about them as they are non-serious. Around 60% of those who write come under this category. Remaining 40% students who write the exam are committed, hardworking and competent. Out of these 2 lakh serious candidates only 15,000 get selected in Prelims. We have seen talented students – those who got engineering from premier institutes, those who cleared Prelims in previous attempt, those who completed 9 months of prelims cum mains coaching in reputed coaching centers – failing in this exam.
Why? Why talented and hardworking students fail?? Here are the reasons …
a.They aimed for marks in the range of 110 and 115 as cutoff marks for the year 2015 was 107.34 . This year cutoff seem to have raised and therefore many people who aimed for this range could not make it. Had they aimed for 140 or 150, they would have been very safe.
b.They have neglected prelims as they underestimated it. They prepared for Prelims with the assumption that they will anyway clear the exam.
c.They used ‘General Approach’ rather than ‘Precision Approach’.

There are two approaches – general approach and precision approach. General Approach is the one which is followed by any candidate in general whereas ‘The Precision Approach’ is followed by successful candidates.
Let us understand the difference with the help of a simple real life example. If somebody wants to buy good quality bangles, they try to first understand where such bangles are available. Let us assume they understood that good quality bangles are available in Hyderabad. Person with general approach will go to each and every street in Hyderabad and look for shops selling good quality bangles. Those with precision approach will obtains additional information that good quality bangles are available at Laad Bazar near Charminar and go to Laad Bazar and buy the bangles. They will avoid wastage of time spent in searching for bangles in areas where it is very unlikely to find......Read More

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